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Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes Commercial Cleaning Companies Make

When you’re in charge of a commercial building, it’s essential to have a reliable and trustworthy cleaning company that can keep your space looking its best.

Unfortunately, many decision-makers overlook common mistakes that cleaning companies can make, and end up regretting their decision down the line.

In this post, we’ll look at four of the most common mistakes commercial cleaning companies make – and how to avoid them so you can ensure you end up with the perfect fit for your space.

Mistake #1: Lack of Proper Training and Onboarding for Employees

When hiring a commercial cleaning company, ensuring that they are providing employees with proper training and onboarding is key.

Thorough training helps ensure employees understand the job they are doing, as well as how to do it safely and correctly.

Without the right training and onboarding program, there’s a risk that employees won’t be able to do the job properly or may even cause accidents due to incorrect use of chemicals or supplies.

To ensure that your cleaning company is providing the right training and onboarding, it’s important to look at their past experience in this area.

Ask about how they train new employees and whether they provide ongoing support or refresher courses for existing employees.

If a company can’t demonstrate that they have a strong focus on proper training, then it may be a sign that they don’t take their role as seriously as necessary.

Mistakes #2: Failing To Properly Communicate With Clients

I’ve long lost count of how many times we’ve been asked to come out and provide a quote on commercial cleaning services simply due to a lack of communication between the company that called us and their current cleaning service.

Whether it’s the cleaning service not showing up for scheduled cleaning appointments or failing to communicate about unexpected delays, if your cleaning company isn’t properly communicating with you, it’s going to be difficult for you to trust them with your important space.

In order to avoid this mistake, make sure that your chosen commercial cleaning company provides clear communication channels and is responsive when you reach out to them.

That said, your expectation shouldn’t be that your cleaning company is available 24/7, however, you should expect regular check-ins and progress reports, so you can easily stay on top of the cleaning needs in your building.

Mistake #3: Not Having A Clear And Detailed Contract

If you’ve been in business for a while, you know how important it is to have a detailed and clear contract that outlines the services your business needs from its service providers — and commercial cleaning companies are no exception.

When choosing a cleaning service, it’s critical to ensure that you have a detailed and clear contract that outlines the services you need, any additional costs or add-ons, as well as your expectations around scheduling and communication.

Without a detailed contract in place, there will no doubt be issues down the line.

For example, let’s say your cleaning company starts missing its scheduled appointments, and you can’t get hold of them on the phone. Without a contract that includes an agreed-upon penalty for missed appointments, they have no reason to care or even respond to your calls.

To avoid scenarios like this, make sure that you have a clear and detailed contract in place before you begin working with a cleaning company.

Mistake #4: Neglecting To Invest In Proper Equipment And Supplies

Using subpar materials can lead to subpar results and, in some cases, even damage to your property.

Just consider for a moment the furniture, flooring, and other surfaces in your office that could be easily damaged by poor-quality cleaning products.

Not only would it be a huge (and expensive) pain to have to replace or repair items in your office, but it could also affect how prospective clients view your company.

As part of your vetting process, make sure that any commercial cleaning company you are considering has a good track record of using high-quality cleaning supplies and equipment. You should even ask for specific examples of equipment that they use, and do your own due diligence to evaluate their equipment quality.

If you see any signs that the company uses substandard cleaning supplies or doesn’t invest in high-quality equipment, it may be best to look elsewhere for a commercial cleaning service.


In the end, the key to choosing a truly capable and reliable commercial cleaning company is to do your research, ask the right questions, and look for clear signs of quality.

When you take the time to focus on these things, you can be confident in your choice and rest assured that your business space will be well-maintained by a trusted service provider.

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