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Composite Construction Cleaning

Cleaning after a completed construction project can be a daunting task as sites are often dusty, dirty, and full of unused materials and debris.

To help alleviate the stress of post-construction clean-up, 1 Stone Solutions offers composite construction clean-up services to function as a stop-gap between the work of the construction crew and the final clean that happens once the project concludes.

This cleaning phase will largely include properly disposing of debris, leftover building materials, and other large pieces on a daily basis. It will also include removing stickers and labels from doors, windows, and other items, as well as vacuuming and dusting any affected areas.

Areas We Serve


Our Waco commercial cleaning services extend from the city center to a 50-mile radius. From the Waco Convention Center to McLane Stadium, our team provides the deep construction cleaning expertise you seek.

Dallas/Fort Worth

From the American Airlines Center and Dealey Plaza to the Fort Worth Stockyards and Sundance Square, our team stands ready to serve the Metroplex with a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services.


Our Houston team provides commercial cleaning services within a 75-mile radius of Downtown. So whether you’re near George R. Brown, Sugar Land Town Center or The Cannon, we’ve covered all your cleaning needs.

Our Customer Thoughts on Our Commercial Cleaning Services

1 Stone has consistently outdone themselves in terms of cleaning and professional services. They are able to provide high quality cleaning services at a great price.

First United Methodist Church Houston

We have been working with 1 Stone for a few years now and we have had high tenant satisfaction. If there is ever an extra need, 1 Stone quickly makes themselves available.

Griffin Partners

We have never worked with a cleaning company as professional as 1 Stone. Not only is 1 Stone able to provide professional, consistent cleaning, they are professional throughout the process.

Spring Valley Medical

What to Look for In a Composite Construction Cleaning Company

We Value Our Team

We pride ourselves on paying 1 Stone Solution team members a good wage. We don’t use subcontractors. Our construction cleaning crews wear personal protective equipment (PPE). From steel-toe boots to safety goggles and hard hats, we protect and value our employees. In return, they show the same level of care when cleaning your facilities.

Extreme Attention to Detail

Construction cleaning requires a more extensive clean than standard janitorial services. Our methods reflect this level of detail. We know the business of construction cleaning and what it takes to get a construction site looking great.


Our team is geared to take on your massive project. We’ve worked with the Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks on large construction cleaning projects. Our familiarity with this level of scale ensures you will get a supplier that understands what level of dedication and care these projects require.

Join Us

If you are interested in working at 1Stone, please send an email to Careers@1stonesolutions.com.