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The Secret to an Illness-Free Office This Cold and Flu Season

When cold and flu season strikes, those small sniffles and coughs suddenly seem dangerously contagious. 

As absenteeism rises, managers have an enormous challenge — how to stem the spread of germs and maintain a clean, healthy environment.

At 1 Stone Solutions, we recognize the amplified importance of cleanliness during this demanding period. 

With years as a leading Texas-based commercial cleaning company, we have both the experience and adaptability to meet escalating cleaning requirements head-on.

In this blog post, we break down exactly how cold and flu trends impact cleaning needs. 

We’ll discuss the latest data on workplace absences, explore intensified cleaning demands, and most importantly, outline our comprehensive solutions tailored to this critical time.

Let’s dive in to understand exactly how we alter our commercial cleaning approach to match Cold and Flu season needs.

Absenteeism Surges, Productivity Plummets

Each year as the weather cools, a familiar sight emerges — empty desks and quiet hallways.

In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 5-10% of the US workforce takes at least one sick day due to respiratory illness annually, translating to 70-143 million lost workdays per year.

Additionally, research by the Integrated Benefits Institute found that employees with cold and flu symptoms lose 35-40% of on-the-job productivity while continuing to work. This “presenteeism” further reduces business operational capacity during peak illness seasons.

Together, this rise in absenteeism and drop in presenteeism significantly impact workspace functionality. For facility managers, managing this disruption begins with fortifying cleaning routines.

Pathogen Spread Intensifies

Simultaneously with reduced on-site staffing, cold and flu trends also lead to accelerated spread of illness-causing pathogens.

Viruses like influenza or common coronaviruses have higher transmission rates given close employee contact and shared high-touch surfaces. 

Per CDC estimates, people with flu symptoms can spread the virus up to 6 feet away via coughing or sneezing. Additionally, most flu strains survive up to 48 hours on hard surfaces, facilitating further contact spread.

For facility managers, elevated disinfection of these high-traffic zones is crucial to counteract this expanded pathogen propagation.

The 1 Stone Solutions Difference: Unparalleled Cold and Flu Cleaning

At 1 Stone Solutions, we recognize facility managers face amplified pressure during cold and flu season. 

As a leading Texas-based commercial cleaning company with years of experience, we are uniquely equipped to handle these seasonal challenges.

When illness rates rise, our disinfection protocols ramp up. 

We deep clean high-traffic areas with medical-grade EPA-approved disinfectants proven to eliminate cold and flu viruses. 

We also provide worker training refreshers on proper disinfecting techniques to ensure correct product usage and coverage. 

The result is consistent, customized elevated disinfection catered to target seasonal challenges. 

Bring Us Your Toughest Cold and Flu Cleaning Challenges

At 1 Stone Solutions, we know facility cleanliness can’t take a sick day, even as employees stay home and illness-creating germs spread rapidly.

We have a seasoned methodology to rapidly meet escalated disinfection needs during peak cold and flu disruption.

So this cold and flu season, bring us your toughest cleaning challenges, and we’ll respond with tailored solutions that keep your environment healthy, compliant, and operational.