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5 Cleaning Resolutions You Will Actually Want to Keep in 2024

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to set goals for improving office cleanliness in the new year. 

Just like places of worship require extra care to sparkle during holidays, offices endure daily wear-and-tear that can leave them dingy if cleaning lags. 

That’s why the cleaning crew at 1 Stone Solutions recommends making – and actually sticking to – these five cleaning resolutions to make your office shine in 2024.

Expand Your Cleaning Services to Neglected Spaces

When was the last time someone dusted ceiling vent covers, cleaned baseboards, or used a ladder to clear cobwebs from high corners? 

While surface cleaning tackles floors and desks, niche areas often get overlooked. 

Our expanded services use specialized tools and techniques perfect for restoring forgotten zones including:

  • Air Vent Detox: Remove covers to disinfect and de-grease vents and ducts
  • Baseboard Refresh: Scrub then re-seal baseboards to renew luster
  • Blind and Drapery Detail: Take down, thoroughly clean, and rehang window dressings
  • Furniture Freshening: Clean and condition upholstered office furniture

Schedule Deep Cleaning Days for Communal Areas

Shared spaces like lunchrooms and conference rooms require extra effort since they endure intensive daily use. 

That’s why implementing quarterly or biannual deep cleaning days helps transform them. 

Our multi-hour sessions involve meticulously scrubbing every inch, including:

  • Breakrooms: Clear counters, cabinets, fridges, sinks, and microwaves to clean and disinfect
  • Bathrooms: Descale facilities, refresh grout, polish fixtures, and detail partitions
  • Meeting Rooms: Shampoo carpets, wipe walls, dust vents, scrub tables and chairs
  • Entryways: Pressure wash exterior walks and walls, clean interior foyers top-to-bottom

Shift to Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions

Many traditional cleaning products contain powerful chemicals that can worsen indoor air quality. 

Our green-certified formulas harness gentle, plant-based ingredients that banish grime without irritating fumes. 

Benefits include:

  • Breathe Easier: No harsh chemical smells or eye-irritating residues
  • Environmentally-Friendly: Biodegradable solutions minimize ecosystem impact
  • Streak-Free Shine: Gentler cleaners lift dirt without dulling finishes
  • Tailored Options: Solutions customized for glass, carpets, natural stone, and more

Prioritize Employee Wellbeing as You Would Equipment Upgrades

Ensuring staff work in a clean, healthy environment impacts comfort, morale and productivity similarly to new computers or ergonomic chairs. 

Yet tight budgets often put office cleaning on the back burner. 

Two ways to elevate cleanliness without straining finances include:

  • Adjusting Schedules: Transition from monthly to biweekly cleanings so dirt doesn’t build.
  • Targeting High-Traffic Areas: Have cleaners focus on communal spaces used most frequently.

Build a Cleaning Partnership to Maintain Standards Long-Term

Achieving a dramatically cleaner office requires an initial deep cleaning effort followed by vigilant upkeep. 

Our crews become trusted partners understanding your business’s layout and needs to custom-tailor care including:

  • Assigned Cleaning Teams: The same talented trio familiarizes with your office’s layout and priorities.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Cleanings booked around office closures, holidays, and early morning/late night hours.
  • Clear Communication: Checklist notes and direct contact with managers ensures accountability.

Want to Improve Your Office’s Cleanliness?

Unsure where to start? Our experts make it easy by coming on-site to learn your priorities firsthand. 

Lock in one of our limited site evaluation appointments by calling 832-321-5876 – it could be the difference between dreams and determination!