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How A Clean Office Can Lead to A More Productive Staff

Clean offices boost your workforce productivity, according to a recent study conducted by the Staples Corporation.

The survey showed that 94% of workers feel more productive in a clean space, while 77% said they produce better quality work.

What does this mean for you? 

Well, if you want to improve the performance of your team, give your employees the best possible start every day.

With this in mind, here’s how a clean office can boost your workforce’s happiness, health, and performance.

Cuts Down on Sick Days

A study conducted by researchers at Cornell University found that workers who regularly cleaned their offices had fewer sick days taken compared to those whose offices remained dirty.

The researchers asked participants about how often they cleaned their office space and whether they experienced symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or runny noses. They were also asked about the length of time they took off work due to illness.

The findings showed that people who reported cleaning their offices once per week or more were nearly 30% less likely to experience symptoms like coughing, sneezing, or running nose than those who did not report regular cleaning habits.

In addition, those who reported cleaning their offices three times per month or more were 33% less likely to miss work because of illness. Those who reported no cleaning were 50% more likely to miss work due to illness.

Keeps Stress to a Minimum

A clean office can also help to keep stress levels down. In a study conducted by the University of Arizona, it was found that cluttered work environments can lead to higher levels of stress and anxiety.

The study asked participants to rate their level of stress and anxiety after completing a range of activities in both clean and messy rooms. The findings showed that participants who completed the tasks in the messy room reported higher levels of stress and anxiety than those who completed the same tasks in the clean room.

The study also found that people who work in cluttered environments are more likely to procrastinate and have difficulty focusing on tasks.

Allows for Better Concentration

It’s been said that humans are capable of holding up to 7,200 pieces of information in short-term memory. 

However, our brains cannot process more than three items simultaneously. 

If we try to keep track of too many things at once, we end up getting distracted. This is why having a clean workspace is essential to maintaining productivity. 

A cluttered environment makes it difficult for us to focus on what we’re doing. We need to clear out the distractions around us, otherwise, we’ll find ourselves overwhelmed.

Reduces “Search” Time

If you’re like most people, it takes longer to look for something than it does to actually locate what you want. In fact, according to research, looking for something takes about 50% longer than finding it. 

So, how do we make sure we don’t waste our precious time searching for information? 

Proper organization, that’s how!

The key to making sure you have everything you need at your fingertips (or at least in close proximity) is by keeping your office space well organized. 

By doing so, you reduce the amount of time required to find the item you need. 

Keeps Injury at Bay

Workplace injuries are costly and disruptive. They can cost companies millions of dollars every year. In addition, injured workers often miss work, causing further problems for their employers.

One of the best ways to prevent workplace injuries is to keep your office clean. 

A cluttered workspace can lead to trip hazards and other dangers — which could mean a trip to the hospital for your employees and a big hit to your company’s bottom line.

So, by keeping your office clean and tidy, you can help to reduce the risk of injury and keep your staff safe.

Need Help Improving the Productivity in Your Workplace?

A clean office is a productive office. If you need help keeping your workspace clean and organized, 1 Stone Solutions can help. We offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services that are designed to keep your office looking its best. 

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