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Hiring a Local Janitorial Services Company Versus a National Chain

Are you a facilities manager who’s been stuck between two difficult decisions: hiring a local janitorial services company or opting for a national chain?

If so, you’re not alone.

Many businesses face this dilemma and on the surface, it’s often hard to know which option is best.

The truth is, both a local janitorial services company and a national commercial cleaning chain can provide your facility with quality maintenance service.

However, depending on the needs of your facility, one may be better suited than the other.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of both local commercial cleaning services and their national competitors, as well as other important considerations you should keep in mind before making your decision.

We’ll start by examining the benefits of hiring a local commercial cleaning company.


Local companies offer competitive rates because they usually don’t have high overhead costs like franchise fees and marketing expenses associated with being part of a large organization.

This is great news for you since it typically translates into more flexibility when it comes to payment options, which can make budgeting easier.

To be clear, this is not to say that hiring a national chain will necessarily cost you more while local service providers will charge bargain basement prices, however, it’s not uncommon for local commercial cleaning companies to be more cost-effective than their larger counterparts.

Ability to Adapt to Individual Client Needs

Local companies tend to be more agile when it comes to meeting specific customer requirements since they are more familiar with their region and clientele base compared to distant franchises or subsidiaries of big corporations.

For instance, if you’re looking for a customized schedule or one-off services like carpet cleaning, they may be more willing to accommodate than their larger counterparts.

Meaningful Relationships with the Community

When you choose to hire a local janitorial services company, you not only support a local business but also contribute to the local economy.

Furthermore, you’re likely to foster relationships with your provider in ways that are less common when dealing with national chains.

From building trust and having access to reliable customer service, these relationships can be invaluable in creating long-term success for all parties involved.

Now, let’s move on to the advantages of hiring a national chain.

Consistent Quality Standards

National chains are typically backed by significant resources and an extensive network of franchises spread across the country that adhere to well-defined standards for quality assurance.

This means you can expect consistency in their services, regardless of the location you choose.

For large corporations with multiple locations, this can be extremely beneficial, as the same standards of cleanliness can be properly tracked from one site to another.

Wide-Ranging Services

National chains are often more equipped to handle a variety of services such as window cleaning, hard surface floor care, as well as specialized cleaning projects like post-disaster services.

Their resources also allow them to offer services at different frequencies that might not be available through local providers.

These additional services can be helpful for facilities that require more detailed cleaning and have a larger budget.

But wait….THERE’S more!

When it comes to choosing between a local janitorial services company and a national chain, sure, their cost-effectiveness, ability to adapt, quality standards, and wide-ranging services are all important factors to consider — but there are other factors to consider as well.

Do you need a one-time visit or an ongoing relationship with a provider?

Are you looking for cleaning services for one location or multiple sites?

What are your expectations when it comes to customer service and communication with the provider?

Are there any special requirements that need to be met for your project to be successful?

These are just a few of the important questions that should be taken into account before any decision is made.

At the end of the day, it boils down to understanding your own requirements and budgeting carefully so that you can choose an option that works best for you while ensuring successful results in every aspect of the janitorial services required by your business.

By carefully analyzing these considerations, you can make an informed decision that best suits your particular needs.

Ultimately, whichever option you choose – local or national – make sure to do your research, ask questions and review customer feedback before signing any contracts. Doing so will help ensure you get the most value out of your janitorial services.

With the right approach and a little bit of effort, you can ensure that your janitorial needs are met in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible.